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Private Booking Rates

(updated 3 June 2024)

When you make a private booking with Miss Renee Rose, the entire day will be dedicated to your booking, as well as the day prior and day after (no matter the size of your booking). No other private bookings or tours will be made simultaneously on these dates to ensure 100% focus and dedication in creating the best results for you.​ Furthermore, all bookings made with Miss Renee Rose are provided with professional invoicing for your ease in claiming these expenses for tax purposes.

Please note that NZ GST is only applicable for bookings with clients inside New Zealand.

Hourly Rate:

From NZD $210/hr + NZ GST

(for bookings up to 3 hours with no minimum booking time required)

Half Day Rate:

From NZD $720 + NZ GST

(or from NZD $180/hr for bookings of 4 - 7 hours over multiple days e.g. at least 1 x Half Day booking)

Multi Half Day Rate:

From NZD $1200 + NZ GST

(or from NZD $150/hr for bookings of 8+ hours over multiple days e.g. at least 2 x Half Day bookings)

These standard base rates include Miss Renee Rose arriving with clean natural hair, no make up applied and nude-coloured undergarments ready to change into the outfit(s) you have organised for your booking.

The booking time starts from Miss Renee Rose's required arrival time. This may include any further travelling required after the initial arrival time, being styled, outfit fittings, modelling, etc (depending on your booking's requirements). If you would like Miss Renee Rose to arrive already styled and ready to start modelling straight from her arrival time, additional charges apply.


Surcharges apply for

Overtime, Weekends & Public Holidays

~ Payment Options ~

Option (A): Pay in Full

Make payment in full to secure your booking

Option (B): 50% Deposit

A minimum of 50% deposit with the remaining amount paid before your booking date

Option (C): Leave booking unsecured

If a booking is tentatively made and left unsecured without a deposit, the date(s) may be taken by another client with a deposit

Please let Miss Renee Rose know which option you would like to choose for your booking


Any outstanding invoices need to be paid before the start of your booking time, otherwise the booking will need to be postponed with additional charges. This ensures Miss Renee Rose can confidently perform at her best as payment has been settled before she begins her work for the booking.

There is a late payment fee of $25/day for any outstanding invoices & missed payment plan payments

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Happy to be styled upon arrival by professional make up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, etc


If you would like Miss Renee Rose to arrive styled and ready to go such as with outfits from her wardrobe and hair/make up done, additional charges apply (see below)

If you require extra add on's after your booking has already started, a seperate invoice can be created by Miss Renee Rose during your booking and must be paid online before the add-on can be applied.


Please see below for the list of available add on's...

Add On



Covers petrol and time spent travelling to/from our meeting place (plus extra tickets and/or fees required to get to photoshoot locations such as reimbursements for uber rides). Travel charges are shared when there's 2+ bookings in one location with multiple clients (group bookings).

Please note that when Miss Renee Rose must be provided with her own private room for sleeping that contains a comfortable bed with adequate bedding.


Hair Styling


Miss Renee Rose's neutral hair look is arriving natural and unstyled (mostly straight and air dryed). If you would like Miss Renee Rose's hair styled, the following charges apply...

By Miss Renee Rose:

- Light styling $10

- Medium styling $25

- Full styling $50

By a professional Hair Stylist:

TBC based on local rates of destination - please discuss with Miss Renee Rose.

Light styling removal fee $10

Medium styling removal fee $20

Heavy styling removal fee $30


Food Allowances


The following food allowances are required for multi-day bookings.

Breakfast $25

Morning Tea $15

Lunch $30

Afternoon Tea $15

Dinner $40

Supper $15


Exposed Elements


Sun Protection:

For Miss Renee Rose to arrive ready to go with SPF Sunscreen already applied for modelling in direct sunlight (Miss Renee Rose must be allowed time to re-apply every 2 to 4 hours):

- Face, Neck, Decolletage, Hands $15

- Half Body $25

- Full Body $35

Please note that direct sunlight exposure must be kept to a minimum between the hours of 10:30am to 2:30pm.

Natural environments where prickles, thorns, sandflies, mosquitos, high winds, rain, hot or cold temperatures, etc may be present:

- During 1-3 hour bookings $50/hr

- During half day bookings $60/hr

- During full day bookings $70/hr

Modelling Wet or in Water:

- Wet body $25/hr

- Wet hair $30/hr

- Half submerged $35/hr

- Fully submerged up to neck $50/hr

(please note that Miss Renee Rose cannot allow any water to enter her ears due to medical reasons & water must be a suitable temperature, not excessively cold or hot and must be sanitary). 

Sunrise & Sunset Surcharges:

- Sunrise $100

- Sunset $75


Weekends, Public Holidays, School Holidays & Overtime

From 10%

Surcharges apply for Weekends, Public Holidays, School Holidays and Overtime.


Bookings that go over the finish time will receive an additional invoice for the extra time. There is an additional 50% surcharge if Miss Renee Rose is required to be booked more than 4 hours in a single day or more than 15 hours in a single week.


10% surcharge for bookings on Saturdays & Sundays.

Public Holidays:

25% surcharge for bookings on Public Holidays based on the location's region.

School Holidays:

10% surcharge for bookings during the school holidays. Please note that outdoor lingerie and/or nude bookings are unavailable in public locations during this time.


Duo Modelling

Rates + $75

Fee for being in close proximity and potentially in physcial contact with another model. Fee is per extra model.




Miss Renee Rose will arrive ready to change into the outfit(s) you have supplied for the booking. If you would like Miss Renee Rose to model any style of nude, the following charges apply:

- $50/hr (up to 3 hours)

- $150/half day (4 hours)

- $250 for 2 x half days (8 hours)

Minimum fee is $50 if booking time is less than 1 hour.

Nude photoshoots in public locations is not available outside of school hours or during school holidays.

Please note that Miss Renee Rose is a model within the art industry, not the sex industry, and therefore does not model erotic (such as fetish) or pornographic content i.e. not for the purpose of sexual arousal. Nudity may only be shown for artistic purposes to demonstrate technique and appreciation of the feminine form. Content of Miss Renee Rose must not be uploaded or published on any erotic or pornographic platforms (such as OnlyFans or equivalent platforms in the sex industry). Furthermore, content of Miss Renee Rose must not be uploaded or published amongst any erotic content intended for sexual arousal or pornographic content. Other Terms & Conditions apply. Please contact Miss Renee Rose for full details.


Late Payment Fees


A late payment fee of $25/day is charged for oustanding invoices and missed payment plan payments.


Please make sure your invoice has updated and is marked as paid by your payment due date. It is recommended to make any last payments at least 3 working days before your invoice due date to avoid any late fees.


Video Work


If you would like to create video during your booking with Miss Renee Rose, the following charges apply:

$100/hr 1-3 hr bookings

$90/hr 4-7 hr bookings

$80/hr 8+ hour bookings


Make Up


Miss Renee Rose's neutral look is arriving with no make up applied. If you would like Miss Renee Rose to wear make up, the following charges apply...

By Miss Renee Rose:

- Mascara on eyelashes $15

- Lipstick or lipgloss $10

- Tinted brow gel $5

By a professional Make Up Artist:

TBC based on local rates of destination - please discuss with Miss Renee Rose.

Light Make Up Removal Fee $10

Medium Make Up Removal Fee $15

Full Make Up Removal Fee $20


Wardrobe Hire


If you would like Miss Renee Rose to arrive with outfits and/or accessories from her wardrobe, the following charges apply per item or pair:

- Shoes $10

- Dresses $20

- Pants $10

- Tops $10

- Coats $15

- Lingerie $10

- Hats $10

- Swimwear $10

- Sunglasses $10

This includes garments being freshly dry-cleaned (or personally washed) and pressed, as well as general wear and tear when modelling.

If you add items to Miss Renee Rose's wardrobe, you will not be charged to hire these items for bookings. Only dry-cleaning or similar fees are to be reimbursed.

Please note that Miss Renee Rose can only wear lingerie and swimwear that is part of her modelling wardrobe for hygiene purposes.


Paid Rest & Meal Breaks

10 minutes+

Rest breaks:

A minimum of 10 to 15 minutes every 1.5 to 2 hours.


Meal breaks:

At least 30 minutes during bookings that run through meal times.

Meal times:

Breakfast 6.00am - 7:30am

Morning Tea: 10am - 10:45am

Lunch 12pm - 1:30pm

Afternoon Tea: 3pm - 3:45pm

Dinner: 6pm - 7:30pm

Supper: 9pm - 9:30pm


Air New Zealand Private Lounge Access

$75 per flight

Guest access to Air New Zealand & Star Alliance Private Lounges when travelling to photoshoot locations with Miss Renee Rose (nationally & internationally) with unlimited refreshments before boarding our flight.


Remote Photoshoots

Rates + $50

This includes an equipment set-up fee of $50 as Miss Renee Rose usually isn't required to do this part when working in-person.

For live remote photoshoot bookings rather than self-portrait style, there is an additional fee of $50.


Location Fee


When on tour, Miss Renee Rose sometimes acquires access to private indoor and/or outdoor venues to offer as a location option for bookings.


Body Hair Removal


Miss Renee Rose will arrive ready to go with natural body hair. If you would like Miss Renee Rose to remove any body hair, the following charges apply:

- Underarms shaved $10

- Leg hair trimmed $15

- Public hair trimmed $20

Please discuss with Miss Renee Rose whether her current body hair length is how you would like it to be for your booking. 


Model Release Form


If admin is required to merge both of our model release forms into one seamless contract within the boundaries of Miss Renee Rose's Terms & Conditions, the rate is $25/hr. Otherwise, Miss Renee Rose can supply her model release form for no additional charge. The model release form must be agreed on before the photoshoot commencement date to ensure both parties have communicated effectively. A physical copy can be provided for signing at the end of your booking.

Please note that if you work with your own Model Release Form, it can only be within the boundaries of Miss Renee Rose's Terms & Conditions. Please contact Miss Renee Rose for a copy.


All prices listed in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and exclude NZ GST

(NZ GST only applies to clients in New Zealand)

Quotes & Invoices are able to be converted into most currencies worldwide

"I've had the pleasure to work with you and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You're very easy to work with and your experience in the industry really shows through your work. Communication with you has been excellent. Would be awesome to create more art in the future with you."
Event: Full Day Booking during Miss Renee Rose's fully booked 'Spring Auckland, New Zealand Tour' (Nov 2023)

Nick Kumar - Photographer (Chronous Pixels)

Auckland, New Zealand

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